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Spring-loaded RTZ-AQ Regulator for Piping System

RTZ-AQ series gas regulator is the representative product of our company. RTZ-AQ gas regulator is a kind of direct acting gas pressure regulator. It can be divided into two types: RTZ-※/0.4AQ gas regulator; RTZ-※/0.8AQ gas regulator. RTZ-AQ pressure regulator adopts spring-loaded control system. It has a built-in balance diaphragm, which is made from high quality nitrile rubber. This type regulator has high sensitivity and good stability. It is suitable for various pressure ranges. RTZ-AQ regulator is characterized by precise pressure control performance and good corrosion resistance. It is ideal for the transmission of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other non-corrosive gases. RTZ-AQ gas regulator is extensively used in city piping system, residential and industrial pressure regulating system.

There is a RTZ-0.4AQ regulator with yellow bonnets and a gray valve.
RTZ-0.4AQ gas regulator has a direct acting spring loaded system.
A RTZ-0.8AQ regulator with a silver safety rod and a black valve.
RTZ-0.8AQ regulator has larger outlet and inlet pressure range than RTZ-0.4AQ gas regulator.


  • Types: RTZ-※/0.4AQ gas regulator; RTZ-※/0.8AQ gas regulator.
  • Accuracy class: AC5.
  • Lock up pressure class: SG10.
  • Cut accuracy: ≤ 5%.
  • Response time: ≤ 1s.
  • Working temperature: -20°C - +60°C.
  • Connection diameters: DN25/50, DN50, DN50/100, DN80, DN80/150, DN100, DN100/200.
The dimensions, structure and flow capacity list of RTZ-AQ gas regulator
Gas regulator L (mm) H1 (mm) H (mm) A (mm) Flow capacity (m3/h) Inlet pressure range P1 ( MPa) Outlet pressure range P2 (kPa) Structure
RTZ-※/0.4AQ gas regulator A picture shows the dimensions of RTZ-AQ gas regulator.
RTZ-25/0.4AQ 184 100 400 Ф380 0 - 1000 0.02 - 0.4 2.0 - 200
RTZ-50/0.4AQ 254 120 580 Ф505 0 - 2450
RTZ-80/0.4AQ 298 138 650 Ф505 0 - 5700
RTZ-100/0.4AQ 352 140 665 Ф620 0 - 8800
RTZ-※/0.8AQ gas regulator
RTZ-25/0.8AQ 184 100 400 Ф380 0-1600 0.02 - 0.8 2.0 - 300
RTZ-50/0.8AQ 254 120 580 Ф505 0-4400
RTZ-80/0.8AQ 298 138 650 Ф505 0-10300
RTZ-100/0.8AQ 352 140 665 Ф620 0-15700


  • Spring-loaded control system.
  • High sensitivity.
  • Wear resistance.
  • Good stability.
  • Quick installation.
  • Durable.
A profile map shows the features of RTZ-0.8AQ regulator.
RTZ-0.8AQ regulator has superior performance. It is reliable and durable.


  • Applied in the natural gas and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) areas.
  • Applied in gas box, gas pressure regulator box, pressure regulating cabinet.
  • Used in gas-fired boiler, furnaces and industrial combustion system.
  • Used in residential area gas pipeline system.