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Your Best Gas Regulator Equipment Solution Provider

A skid mounted CNG pressure reducing station.
Skid-mounted CNG pressure reducing station is extensively used in natural gas pressure regulation and transmission.

Hengshui Runfeng Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing gas pressure regulators. We are committed to providing users with high precision product and best project solution. Runfeng adheres to the principle of scientific management and strict production testing. Our company adopts advanced production equipment and technology. We have independent gas regulator equipment patent and leading production technology.

We can supply various gas regulator products, such as RTZ-※/0.4FQ series gas pressure regulator, RTZ-AQ series gas regulator, CNG pressure reducing station, RX-※/※ series gas pressure regulating cabinet and gas pressure regulator boxes. These products can meet various pressure demands. All available in different colors, sizes and properties. The specifications can be customized according to your specific requirements.

If you need application or installation assistance, please e-mail us or leave your contact number, we will contact you in time. Email sales@gasregulator.org for more details.