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Hengshui Runfeng Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. integrates gas regulator design, development, production, marketing and technical service as a whole. Runfeng is your reliable source for gas regulator equipment. You can find various pressure reducing regulators, high pressure regulators, gas pressure regulator boxes, CNG pressure reducing stations, gas pressure regulating and metering stations and pressure regulating cabinets here.

Gas pressure regulator also called gas regulator, pressure regulator, pressure reducing regulator. Pressure reducing regulator has precise pressure control performance and stable mechanical capacity. It is specifically designed for gas pressure regulation and natural gas transmission. Pressure regulator can effectively reduce or increase pressure. It can keep the outlet gas within the prescribed scope and maintain the downstream pressure within the safe range. Gas regulator is extensively used in urban gas pipeline system, residential and industrial gas supply system, gas pressure regulating and metering stations.

There are three pictures of gas pressure regulator cabinets.

Our advantages:

  • Strong R&D team
    Runfeng pays great attention to the development R&D team. We own a large number of professional management, research and production staffs. Our experts are specialized in gas transmission and distribution, machinery manufacturing, precision welding and other fields. Our strong R&D team is committed to the technological innovation and optimization design of gas regulators.
  • Independent product patents
    We independently developed "AQ series direct-acting gas regulator". This series regulator has high pressure regulation accuracy, wide inlet pressure adaptive ranges and broad outlet pressure regulating ranges. AQ series gas regulators are suitable for various levels of city gate stations, urban gas systems and other non-corrosive gases applications.
  • Advanced equipment
    We adopt advanced production and testing equipment of international standards. The refiner, automatic welding machine and high-precision equipment that we imported can guarantee the high quality of our products. The screw rod air compressor, simulative pipeline network, pressure test pump and other testing devices can take strict test on the performance and quality of each component.
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